Questionmake a new Blank App (Universal Windows) project named… make a new Blank App (Universal Windows) project named (AymanAlkharraz) “that’s my name”. Design the User Interface for Part A and B to look as close as you can to the visuals provided below.There are two parts. You can place both parts onto the same page or you can have a separate page for each part. If you have a second page for part b you will need to provide a way for the application to navigate to the second page (optional only if you use two pages please)and also both parts involve Blocks for prompts and for output, boxes for input, and Buttons.Part A: League Acronyms1-The user can type an acronym into the input box.2-When the “Display Name” button is clicked, use switch logic to display the acronym’s full name in the output box. Both uppercase and lowercase input should be permitted for input.3- look at the chart below for valid acronyms, If the user enters an abbreviation that is not in the list, display “League unknown” in the output box.AcronymFull NameMLBMajor League BaseballPGAProfessional Golfers AssociationMLSMajor League SoccerNFLNational Football LeagueIPLIndian Premier League Part A – League Acronyms Part A -League Acronyms Enter a leagueacronym Enter a league a… Show more… Show morefor Part B: Multiplication Tables1-The user can enter a value (integer) which they would like to see multiplied.2-They should also enter a number between 2 and 20, representing how many calculations to perform-f the user entered a number of calculations that is not between 2 and 20, do not perform the calculations but instead display “invalid number” in the output area.3-When the Display button is clicked, display the multiplication table, up to the stopping point as indicated. Model your output to match the sample output in the pictures below.4-In this code, write and call a method to encapsulate the functionality of performing the calculations and creating the output string. This method should return the completed string containing the multiplication table. Figure 3: Correct output Part B -Multiplication Tables What value wouldyou like to multiply? 42 Pa… Show more… Show moreI have to use Visual Studio 2019>create a project>Blank App (Universal Windows).thank you.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering COMP MISC

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