QuestionKen, KPU VP Teaching and Learning, who is the project sponsor basedon feedback received from KPU faculty have identified several requirements for “BLUE – training” project and have approved your project scope. By forwarding a questionnaire to KPU instructors you have been able to capture the needs of the BLUE users and have created a training project, to meet the deliverables identified below,a) Provide three-hour online initial training session for 24 instructors, under train the trainer’s scheme. (4 instructors from 6 departments). These instructors will then train their fellow instructors in their department. User guide to BLUE software should be provided at the training to be download as part of training material.b) In addition to detailed online training, 15 minutes on demand short video to be available on frequently used features for easy reference.c) For the first 6 months after implementation to have a help system supported by KPU ITd) To create easy reference downloadable quick guide to support new users.e) Finally, to have “BLUE training” as on-going activity for new users on request basis for groups of 20 instructors at a time.f) “Blue – training” project team to coordinate with “BLUE” project implementation team to ensure consistency in BLUE project application, training and KPU professional development needs.Individual Assignment # 2BusinessManagementProject Management

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