QuestionIn a study of viewers’ memory of products advertised on commercial… In a study of viewers’ memory of products advertised on commercial television, 60 randomly selected people were asked to watch a 1-hour television program. In the middle of the program, a commercial advertising a particular product appeared. The commercial viewed by any individual was classified as being Humorous, Musical, or Serious. The type of commercial viewed by each individual was randomly determined.After the show, a memory test was given, and a score (on a 30-point scale) was recorded for each individual.The data can be accessed in the file “Group Case #2 Data.”Requirements (See the rubric on page #8 for more detail)Determine if there is sufficient evidence at the 5% significance level to conclude that type of commercial had an effect on memory score.If you determine that memory score differs by type of commercial, determine as specifically as you can the nature of those differences.Use the PLAN-DO-REPORT format to summarize the problem, your work, and your findings.PLANBriefly summarize the objective of the analysis, important variable(s), data collection and characteristics. This should be written as though the reader has no prior knowledge of the problem specifics, but it cannot simply be a “Copy and Paste” of the case problem.State the hypothesesIdentify analysis typeState andcheck required data conditions. Include all graphs and numerical summary used in this process.4 points3 points2 points4 pointsDOComplete all relevant analysis utilizing the pre-programmed statistical software (StatCrunch or Excel Data Analysis Add-In).Problem #2 data are saved in the Excel file titled “Case #2 Data” posted on Carmen > Modules > Practical Exercises > Group Case #2.If you feel any manual calculations are necessary, they must be processed with the Equation Builder/Editor. Failure to do so will result in a deduction from the FORMAT points.4 pointsREPORTUse the Memo format as shown in the class notes.Your report must begin with a brief summary of the purpose of the analysis and report.Write a brief but comprehensive summary of your findings and conclusion. Include specific numerical information to connect the statistical results with your conclusions. Include any qualifications, if any, that should be applied to or reservations you have about the statistical analysis done.1 point1 point5 points1 pointsMathStatistics and Probability BUS 2320

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