QuestionI need assistance, with this tax return problem. Tax Return Problems 48. Communications Critical Thinking TaxForms Problem ProConnect” Tax David R. and Ella M. Cole(ages 39 and 38, respectively) are husband and wife wh… Show more… Show more Airfare $8,800 Lodging 4,670 Meals from restaurants (during 4,800travel status) Entertainment 3,600 Ground transportation (e.g.,limos, 800 rental cars, and taxis) Business gifts 900 Of… Show more… Show more When the Coles purchased their present residence in April 2017,they devoted 450 of the 3,000 square feet of living space to anof?ce for David. The property cost $440,000 ($40,0… Show more… Show more Ella works at a variety of of?ces as a substitute when a hygienist is illor on vacation or when one of the clinics is particularly busy (e. g.,prior to the beginning of the school year). Besides her t… Show more… Show more Interest income- State of Colorado general purpose bonds $2,500IBM bonds 800 Wells Fargo Bank 1,200 $ 4,500 Federal income taxrefund for year 2019 510 Life insurance proceeds paid b… Show more… Show more Using the appropriate forms and schedules, compute the Coles’Federal income tax for 2020. Disregard the alternative minimum tax(AMT) and various education credits since these items a… Show more… Show moreLawSocial ScienceTax law ACC 132

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