QuestionhowAmerican Indians attempted to negotiate with the new United… howAmerican Indians attempted to negotiate with the new United States government, and how that government responded.?I need to use specific examples from each document:1)Tecumseh, Letter to Governor William Henry Harrison (1810)2)President Andrew Jackson on Indian Removal(1830)3)John Ross, Letter to Congress (1836)4) Map of American Indian Land Cessions* Tecumseh believes (correctly) that the US government negotiated in bad faith to take Shawnee land. He demands its return in this letter and is ultimately interested in organizing all American Indian nations to form one united defense against US encroachment.* John Ross believes (correctly) that the US government negotiated in bad faith to take Cherokee land. He demands its return by filing court cases that went all the way to the US Supreme Court. The Cherokee won the case, but President Andrew Jackson refused to comply with the court’s order.* American Indians did not have voting rights, so their options for influencing the US government were limited to other means.* How are the principles behind Tecumseh’s and John Ross’ arguments similar to those expressed by Henry, Paine, and the Declaration of Independence?* What is Jackson advocating? Who does he say will benefit? Whom does itactuallybenefit?* How does he describe this policy and his motivation?* How does he describe American Indians?* How does he describe the United States?* What does it tell us about American politics that Jackson frames this policy in such a positive light? (Forget about trying to figure out what ‘is in Jackson’s heart.’ Instead, consider what it tells us about Congress and the American people that they want to hear this policy described in this manner). Why doesn’t he just say “we want the land and we’re going to take it?”HistoryUS History HISTORY 1301

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