QuestionHow would your needs change if you won a $20 million lottery? I… How would your needs change if you won a $20 million lottery?I found this interesting question in one of the resource manuals I use for some of my assignments, and of course i thought you might be as interested and intrigued as I. After all, weheardthe oldcliche’that money does not bring happiness, but we all like to try:-)Do you think that will change us? How?I want you to think about your own decisions of what needs you will fulfill first….biological needs, during this time, with corona spreading out of control, what would it help to even have all the millions, and severely sick with the virus??Would social life change and friends will multiply? Oh, and that special someone will give you the time of the day finally….Well, please think about all that you will change in your life, to better or worse.Please do not wing it! Youmust build your response on theoretical principles that explain emotions and motivation; telling what emotions are and moving on to state and explain theories of motivation. You can use one theory and expand on it to fulfill word count requirement, or you can choose more.i need at least 350 words; less will not receive credit or try again, and more will be sent back requesting summarization.Social SciencePsychology PSY 100

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