QuestionHow would you start an explicate of Laws of the Salian Franks.If any one steal that bull which rules the herd and never has been yoked, he shall be sentenced to 1800 denars, which make 45 shillings. But if that bull is used for the cows of three villages in common, he who stole him shall be sentenced to three times 45 shillings. If three men carry off a free born girl [to rape her], they shall be compelled to pay 30 shillings. If there are more than three, each one shall pay five shillings. If any person strike another on the head so that the brain appears, and the three bones which lie above the brain shall project, he shall be sentenced to 1200 denars, which make 30 shillings. But if it shall have been between the ribs or in the stomach, so that the wound appears and reaches to the entrails, he shall be sentenced to 1200 denarswhich make 30 shillingsbesides five shillings for the physician’s pay. If any one have killed a free woman after she has begun bearing children, he shall be sentenced to 24000 denars, which makes 600 shillings. After she can have no more children, he who kills her shall be sentenced to 8000 denars, which make 200 shillings.HistoryUS History HIST MISC

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