QuestionHere is a situation that is a dilemma for ethical decisions. Threeweeks before the students’ psychology term papers are due; Jennifer and two classmates visit the campus library to conduct online literature searches on their topics. After 30 minutes of surfing the Web, Blake announces that he’s found a Web site that offers inexpensive term papers on a variety of subjects including Psychology! He tells Jennifer and Sharon that he is planning to buy one if he finds one on his paper topic. Jennifer, who has never cheated in her academic career, says nothing and maintains her concentration on her own research, trying not to notice Blake’s plan. Sharon, who is appalled by Blake’s intention to cheat, vows that she will report Blake to their professor. Blake says, “There’s no way I’ll be caught. I don’t think our professor even knows what a Web site is.” Jennifer is still listening to what Blake is saying and is still not certain she wants to get involved. Sharon is starting to get irritated and distracted from her own work by Blake’s actions. Each of these students is facing a situation that’s causing them to consider difficult decisions that affect themselves and may involve others.Your job is to imagine the thinking that each student might have and answer the questions relating to their moral reasoning.1. Stop and think to determine the facts. Describe the ethical issues presented in this situation. Describe all the facts that are a part of this situation as you see it. Describe the issues this situation has caused you to think about. 2. Identify possible options Describe possible options or reactions to the problem other than telling the professor. Identify the choices you might have to consider if you were in this situation. Provide two or more relevant questions to help solve the issue?3. Consider consequences for yourself and others. Explain some ways that Blakes action, might affect you and other people. What might be consequences for Sharon and Jennifer? Present consequences that may affect others in the bigger world.4. Make an ethical decision and a choice and take appropriate action. Describe how your personal values would influence your decision. Describe what you would say and what actions you might take in this situation. Explain the reasoning for your actions.Social SciencePsychology PSYC 2301

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