QuestionHans is an 11-year old boy from a small town. He is described by histeaches at school as a “difficult” child. One morning in early February, instead of going to school, Hans took his aunt’s car and drove it out of town along a busy two-lane highway, heading toward a major interstate freeway. About 2 miles outside of town, Hans lost control of the car and swerved across the two-lane highway, barely missed hitting an oncoming car, and ended up in the middle of a frozen cornfield, carrying a bag of provisions with him. In the bag, he had an electronic game, an extra pair of tennis shoes, a small amount of money, several candy bars, and a six-pack of root beer.1. what developmental theory- from those presented in chapt 1 would you use for Hans’s behavior and why?2. Based on the theory you selected in # 1 , what does the theory say about Han’s future behavior? Make sure to use answers from the theory3. was theory selected enough to explain this case? why or why not? This is the opportunity to address any deficiencies from the theory selectedSocial SciencePsychology PSYCH 041

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