QuestionGuidelines for reading Tera W. Hunter, “Reconstruction and the Meanings of Freedom” in K&D – Due 10/261. Answer the questions posed in the preface. a. How did white southerners understand their defeat? b. What tensions marked postwar society? c. What would it mean to “reconstruct” the former Confederacy?2. Note how both the black and white population in Atlanta grew from 1860-70. From nine hundred to ten……. Page missing3. What is Hunter writing about when she writes, “The war continued on the home front . . after the Confederacy’s military defeat”?4. What was the physical image of Atlanta during Reconstruction?5. What was the housing situation in Atlanta?6. How did African Americans feel about the adversities they had to face in Atlanta?7. What does Hunter mean when she writes that “even the most mundane and minute details of organizing a free labor system required rethinking assumptions about work that had previously relied on physical coercion.”8. What was “an effective strategy to deprive employers of complete power over their labor?”9. What was the Klan’s chief purpose and how did they attempt to achieve it?10. Who was and what happened to George Ashburn?Joe Brown and family?11. What was Henry McNeal Turner’s message to white men?12. Who is and what does Z. B. Hargrove “admit”?13. What is the story about Mary Price?14. What was the Georgia Apprentice Act of 1866?15. Who were Rebeca Craighead and Frederick Ayers?16. What were some of the “awkward dilemmas” many ex-slaves faced with regard to spouses?17. What, according to Hunter, was “the highest priorities of ex-slaves in the postwar period.?18. What percent of slave population could read by 1860?19. In which state did ex-slaves “rank highest in the South in the amount of financial assistance donated to their own education”?20. On what issue did William Finch “attempt, but fail” get support from the white working class community?21. What does Hunter speculate was the effect of obstacles in the way of education for former slaves?22. Note the evidences Hunter provides for the passion ex-slaves had for education.HistoryUS History HISTORY 3366

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