QuestionFor this assignment, compose an essay proposal of three paragraphsusing the following prompts. Each paragraph should address one of the following prompts and you should include the prompt in your essay proposal. You will need to do some some research using legitimate sources 1. Identify an injustice or inequity in (your community (broadly defined — your own life, your neighborhood, your city, etc) 2 Provide a brief synopsis of the issue and include background/statistics from at least one legitimate source 3. Provide details (who, what, when, where, etc) of the “grassroots action plan you will take to address the injustice. GAP stands for “Grassroots Activism Project” — and the key is doing something yourself to make a change in the world. (It’s like a service-learning project, if you’ve done those in other courses.) Our “GAP” assignment will help you fill the “gap” between our course materials and the world beyond our class. It’s your chance to take something you personally care about or that relates to your career or family and then make a change. Grassroots means right here, right now. We’re not talking laws and judges and books and celebrities and big money and industries. We’re just talking about that feeling we sometimes get when we say, “Hey, that’s not fair! Let’s make it fair!” Or “Hey that doesn’t really work! Let’s fix it!” An attractive part of grassroots activism is that anyone can do it almost anywhere and almost any time.PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology

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