QuestionFind an interesting dataset and at least four interesting tasks relatedto the dataset. Now load the dataset into Tableau and do the following things:Build one or more dashboards with at least three views to address your tasks on Tableau. Use at least three types of views (two scatter plots with different axes are counted as the same type of views) and explore different aspects of the dataset.To support interactive visual exploration, link the visualizations in your dashboard(s) so that the exploration in one view will change one or two other views (for example, clicking a state in a map will filter another visualization so that only details of that state are presented). In this way, you will allow users to examine the dataset at different levels of detail and test ad hoc hypotheses. Make sure you find interesting insights (relationships, patterns, etc.) related to your tasks using the dashboard(s)! The insights can be expected or unexpected. Confirm expected and discover unexpected insights using your dashboard(s)!Publish your visualization online. Tableau Dashboard should be public. The Tableau visualizations you create support the tasks well. You discover valuable insights (findings such as patterns, outliers, comparison results, relationships, etc.) from the dataset and introduce them to the audience.The axes in the visualizations are labeled. Color/size legends are provided if you use color or size to encode information. The axis, color, and size are introduced to the audience in the presentation.The visualizations are coordinated through interactions.MathStatistics and Probability

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