QuestionDRAW SYSTEM SEQUENCE DIAGRAM USING ANY UML DRAWING APPLICATIONOutdoorPowerEquipmentDepotProject Overview Statement:Build an application for OutdoorPowerEquipmentDepot retailer that will give it thecompetitive advantage over its rivals to offer its customers maximum flexibility, speed,simplicity, and freedom to buy, trade-in, and lease outdoor power Equipment. Using the newlyintroduced online PowerEquipmentTradeinMarket software, the retailer and customer candetermine the current market value of the trade-in equipment in a matter of seconds.Customer/Salesman/ManagerOutdoorPowerEquipmentDepoPowerEquipmentTradeinMarket tSoftware Product High-Level Description:Consider the following high-level description for OutdoorPowerEquipmentDepot retailer:? The intent is to build an application that will allow the customer to buy, trade-in,or rent equipment from the retailer either in-store or online? The store has a StoreManager, Customers, and Salesmen? The retailers sells, trade-in, lease new and pre-owned products? The StoreManager can Add/Delete/Update products? There are number of equipment Manufacturers and each offers its own models.? Every equipment has an extended warranty plan that could be bought separatelyfrom the retailer? The customer can choose one of the following options when buying a newequipment1. Buy the new equipment with no replacement2. Buy the new equipment with 1 year replacement for 50% fee of theequipment retail price; under this plan the customer can replace theequipment by a new one any time during the year (Equipment can bereplaced only once for the customer).3. Buy the new equipment with lifetime replacement for 65% fee of theequipment retail price; under this plan the customer can replace theequipment by another new one any time (Equipment can be replaced onlyonce for the customer).? The customer can trade-in equipment? The customer can rent equipment. However, there are a number of lease plansthat the store like to offer its customers1. Limited duration rental (for example renting an equipment for 2 days)2. Single season rental (for example rent a snow blower for the entirewinter season for a $100 fee per season)3. All seasons rental (for example the customer gets a snow blower forwinter and a lawn mower for spring/summer for $150 fee annually)? The customer can place an order, check the status of an order, or cancel anorder.? The customer can choose home-deliver or in-store pickup for the equipmentrental. Equipment delivery or pick up shall be done within a reasonable amount oftime after order is placed by the customer.? The customer can pay in cash, check, or credit card? Customers who are renting equipment must be at least 25 years old, have a validID and credit card.? The customer has the choice to enroll (or cancel) and become PowerMember inorder to receive 5% discount for every item purchased or leased for an annualfee of $30? Some of the equipment may have store special-discounts? Some of the equipment may have manufacturer rebates? The Customer or salesman can determine the current market-value of thetrade-in equipment through the PowerEquipmentTradeinMarket using the serialnumber of the equipment, date bought, and current condition (excellent,average, poor)? Due to storage space limitation, the store requires to have at least 50% of itsrental equipment be leased out to its customers at any time. If that threshold isviolated, the store will send 25% discount promotional lease offers throughemail to its customers in an attempt to reduce the number of equipment in itsrental storage? To minimize the cost of restocking new equipment at the end of every season(winter and summer mainly), the retailer email its customers about the 20%discount for the clearance event at the end of every season.? The customer can schedule a repair service appointment for anequipment. Appointments can be scheduled, re-scheduled orcanceledServices, Roles & ResponsibilitiesOutdoorPowerEquipmentDepot has different employee roles along with the customer role:1. Managers2. Account Specialists (Customer Support)3. Customers4. What other roles must be considered??? Manager has all privileges and can1. Create/cancel/update/delete accounts, order or appointment? Account Specialist can1. Create an account for a new customer2. Update customer account3. What other tasks must be considered??? Customer that has an existing account can do the following online:1. Update Record (credit card, personal info, etc.)2. Pay Monthly Bill3. Place an Order4. What other tasks must be considered??? Technician can1. Cancel an equipment repair and service appointment2. What other tasks must be considered??? Delivery Driver can1. Schedule a delivery2. What other tasks must be considered??Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering SE 325

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