QuestionCarrie is a 19 year old college student. She has come to see you,as she was recently sitting in one of her college classrooms when a gunman entered the room. She states that she was frightened during the incident and that she witnessed the gunman kill the girl seated beside her and “ran over bodies just lying there” in order to get out of the room. She escaped with no physical injuries. She reports that it has been two weeks since the incident and during that time she has much difficulty falling and staying asleep. She states, “when I finally do fall asleep, I usually wake from a nightmareit’s like it’s happening all over again”. She states that no matter how much she tries to distract herself from the incident, she just constantly “thinks about it over and over again….then I wonder ‘why not me’? I mean so many people were killed and yet I made it out alive”. She goes on to tell you that in her mind she “should be happy that I’m alive, but I just feel so bad for the others that didn’t make it”. In fact, she reports that she fears she will never be able to feel happiness again. She states that her difficulties with sleep and lack of concentration have severely impacted her behaviors in that she has evidenced a sharp decrease in attendance in her classes. She goes on to state “that’s part of why I came to see you…I know if I don’t get my act together and get to class, I’m going to fail my classes, and well, I just can’t have that happen”. She states that anytime she sees a “a tall guy wearing black, I just freeze and I stare and wonder if he’s going to pull out a gun and start shooting”. She states that right after the incident the college offered crisis debriefing, but “I just couldn’t bring myself to go, I just want to forget about it, I don’t want to talk about it”. She has also gone to great lengths to avoid seeing the other members of her class who also survived. She reports she did not attend the funeral of the students who were killed nor the professor of the class who was also killed because “all that would have done is remind me of what happened, and I don’t want remember, I just want to move one”. In fact, she did see a fellow classmate the other night at the local laundry and she stated that “when I saw her, I just thought about what happened and my heart started to race and my hands became sweaty, so I just left…I even left in such a hurry I left some of my clothes in the dryer”. She states that her parents are extremely concerned for her and have stated that she should drop out of her current school and move back home to attend the local community college, just until she starts to feel better and safer. She states “I’m so confused, I really don’t know what to do…..If I go back home I’m not sure that I’d even feel like to going to any school”. She goes on to state “I just don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I can’t forget… fact the other night as I was kinda dozing off there was a T.V.. show on and I heard gunfire and I sprang up and almost started to run out of my apartment until I realized it was just the T.V.”.Create DAP Note for this case study.Please add diagnose and treatment PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology FCS MISC

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