QuestionCan you please help me to Design an IoT ecosystem diagram based on… Can you please help me to Design an IoT ecosystem diagram based on the descriptions of the company? You can put images sources and other reference.Company B is a large company that manufactures computer parts with one (1) head office, two (2) manufacturing sites, two (2) warehouses, and two (2) branches abroad. The company has its personalized Software-as-a-Service ERP system maintained by the IT staff in the head office. Most of the employees abroad use laptops to add, update, and delete records from the system. Local employees, on the other hand, mostly use personal computer and tablets. Most of the equipment and machineries in the manufacturing sites are programmable and can be remotely accessed through mobile devices. The business requires fast Internet connection to run continuously.Example: 3 Goes to a Hospital 1 Goes to a Physician 3 Patient data to Physician H Vital Stats & Patient 1 InformationTransmitted wirelouly Surgical /Beds data mumm X-Play done Good To Lab to get 1 Post visit X-Ray Request(e-c-] For Claims For Claims 2 1 3 Patient Information sent DEVICES MED- Electronically For Claims… Show moreComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering

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