QuestionCan you please help me fill out a 1040 and section A, I am not sure if I am missing something but I believe I am . Kofi Allon, who is 32 years old and single, is employed as a technical consultant for a large electronics distributor. He lives at 678 Birch Street, LaMesa, CA 91941. Kofi’s Social Security number is 412-34-5670 (date of birth 5/29/1987).Kofi’s W-2 contained the following information:Wages (box 1) =$ 75,350.62Federal W/H (box 2) =$ 9,605.43Social security wages (box 3) =$ 75,350.62Social security W/H (box 4) =$ 4,671.74Medicare wages (box 5) =$ 75,350.62Medicare W/H (box 6) =$ 1,092.58Kofi’s other income includes interest on a money market account at the San Diego Credit Union of $275 and $265 in interest on a Certificate of Deposit at the Bank of California. He also made alimony payments of $650 per month to his ex-wife for ten months for a divorce agreement that was finalized on February 21, 2020. (Marta Tombe, Social Security number 412-34-5673).In addition, he had the following other expenses for 2020:Home mortgage interest$ 7,670Auto loan interest1,325Credit card interest730Property taxes on personal residence2,342State income taxes2,050Unreimbursed hospital bills6,300Doctor bills2,760Other qualifying medical expenses725Income tax preparation fee425Job-hunting expenses925Cash donations to his mosque (made ratably over the year and no single contribution was greater than $250)885In may of 2020, Kofi’s house was broken into and his vintage 1961 Fender Stratocaster guitar was stolen. The guitar had a current fair market value of $15,750, and Kofi had paid $9,000 for the instrument in May of 2008. The guitar was uninsured.Required:Help me fill out a Form 1040 and a Schedule A for Kofi including any appropriate schedules. (Input all the values as positive numbers. Round your final answers to the nearest whole dollar amount. Instructions can be found on certain cells within the forms.)This is what I have done so far Schedule A of Form 1040. SCHEDULE A OMB No.1545-0074 (Form 1040) Itemized Deductions ` Go towww.Irc.gow/ BoheduleA for Inctructions and… Show more… Show more Page 1 of Form 1040. Use provided information andfollow instructions on form. Form 1040 Department ofthe Treasury-Internal Revenue Service (89… Show more… Show more 1040 PG 1 1040 PG 2 Schedule A Page 2 of Form1040. Some information does not carry over fromPage 1. Form 1040 (2020) Kofi Allon 412-… Show more… Show moreLawSocial ScienceTax law ACCOUNTING 1331

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