QuestionA recent analysis at a Best Buy store by the store manager indicatesthat, during operating hours, there are 30 customers arriving every hour, with a standard deviation of inter-arrival times of 2.3 minutes. This arrival pattern is consistent throughout the day. The checkout is currently operated by one employee, who needs on average 1.77 minutes to check out a customer. The standard deviation of this checkout time is 3.1 minutes, primarily because of customers buying different numbers of items. -If you assume that every customer buys at least one item (i.e. has to go to check out), what is the average time a customer has to wait in line before being served by the checkout employee? – -What is the total time a customer spends in line and at the checkout counter being served? -What is the average number of customers who are in the system (i.e., either waiting or being served)? – -The manager decides that the waiting time is way too long and hires two more checkout clerks, for a total of three. What is the waiting time (in the line, before being served) in this new situation?Engineering & TechnologyIndustrial EngineeringOperations Management DSCI 303

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