Question[21/10, 09:50] Zed: my main point is towards dealing the multi-dimensional datasets with regression models ..[21/10, 09:50] Zed: if you got the concept of multi-dimensional dataset, for example, if you take *data set-1* as,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…..n => ?n used{ n ? R | n<0} or{ n ? R : n<0}the set of all n ? R n>0 (n is greater than zero 0)if you take *data set-2* as,1,3,5,7,11,13…..n => ? n as a prime number and used{ n ? N | n<0} or{ n ? N : n<0}the set of all n ? N n>0 (n is greater than zero 0)please give attention that the *dataset 1* is a set of Real Numbers, whereas *dataset 2* is a set of Natural Numbers, but *Prime in nature*we have to show the point of the regression *algorithm’s (resulting/processing/etc.,) behavior* when the dimension from *dataset 1* is changed to *dataset 2* .. that’s the object of the research ..BTW, can I take it granted, that you understand these notation and usage of *dataset* representation?MathStatistics and Probability

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