Question1. Five different vaccine manufacturers have been selected… Question1.Five different vaccine manufacturers have been selected by the government for evaluation of candidate COVID-19 vaccines. We are interested to know whether there is a difference in the severity of side-effects in people following inoculation. Volunteers for the study scored the severity of symptoms on a scale of 0 to 5 with 0 representing no side-effects and 5 representing very severe side-effects requiring hospitalisation. Copy and paste the table of data from “Question 1” into your assignment and provide a meaningful title and explanatory legend of what the data represents.Question 1a Define the hypothesis and null hypothesis that you are testing (2 marks)Question 1b Perform a chi-squared analysis of the data to test your hypothesis. Remember to include example calculations to show how you performed the calculations. IMPORTANT:FAILURE TO INCLUDE EXAMPLE CALCULATIONS WILL RESULT IN LOST MARKS. (15 marks)Question 1c Referring to the P-value, chi-squared test-statistic and critical value, explain what your conclusions are about the side-effects of the vaccines. (5 marks)ObservedSeverity of symptomsVaccine manufacturer012345Zap-a-bug54127970Covicure241615661Stratos581812621Camgene15198332Theravac2676421MathStatistics and Probability SCIENCE BMS5005

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