Question1. Create a Raptor program that allows the user to enter a number. Display the cube of each number from 1 to the entered number. For example if the user enters 3, the computer would sum 1 X 1 X1+ 2 X 2 X 2 + 3 X3 X 3. The output would be 36.2. Create a second Raptor program that allows the user to continuously enter numbers until the user enters 0 Output the sum of the numbers.Documentation is very important for this course and in the field. For all Raptor and all programs, an expectation is that comments will be incorporated into all assignments. The header comments will be required. Both header comments and step comments are encouraged as it will help for logic to be better. Header comments should include the following: -Name of theRaptor program -Authorof theRaptor program -Version of theRaptor programand the date of its last revision -Summary/goal of the Raptor program -Variables used with a short description of the variable, as well as theformat of the data (e.g. datatype)Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming SDEV 120

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