Question1. Cathy is the class rebel of the ninth grade. She attempts to undercutall authority figures, especially her history teacher. Today she is making sarcastic remarks to her best friend while the teacher lectures. The teacher says, “All right, Cathy, I’ve put up with your wisecracks for as long as I can. Even a teacher runs out of patience sooner or later. Now shut up.”2. This is a sixth-grade spelling class, and it is the day before Christmas vacation. The teacher is having trouble getting the students to quit giggling and study their spelling words, so she says, “If you’re going to act like babies, I’m going to treat you like babies. From now on, anyone who speaks without raising his hand will stand in the corner.”3. He always comes to his third-grade class without paper or pencil in spite of the teacher’s repeated reminders and punishments. Today he ambles up to the teacher’s desk, opens the top drawer, and takes out a pencil. The teacher says, “Is your father a thief, Ralph? Is that where you learned to take things without asking? Now bring back that pencil you just stole out of my desk.”Social SciencePsychology

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