Question W “SCAM”; _ CASE #2: Tuscan Lifestyles: TargetingCustomers with RFH illtnalysis1 Sara Eleckman isincreasingly confident that careful analysis of… Show more… Show more There are two major variations of RFMclassification: Method 1 – ‘Independentn-tiles’ computes quintiles inde… Show more… Show more IMPORTANT: PROVIDE KEY OUTPUT AND AT LEAST ONESENTENCE INTERPRETING THE OUTPUT, FOR EACHQUESTION. (You can put your answers on page 8 of … Show more… Show more 9. Determine {a} the gross pro?t indollars, and {b} the return on marketingexpenditures as a result o… Show more… Show more Exhibit 1 Names and Descriptions ofKey Variables in Tuscan.sav WWWWwTargbuy Bought from last … Show more… Show more Exhibit 2 How to Create RFM Sequential Classifications inTuscan.sav RFM variables for Tuscan Lifestyles database: Last =days since last purchase (basis for R or recency) Nu… Show more… Show more Exhibit 3 (optional) You can create an Aggregate SPSSdataset rather than using Excel (optional) Note: theseinstructions will seem cryptic, but if you follow th… Show more… Show more ba acctnum oa targbuy targord targdolnumords totdol last first numdivfptotretrn totship totamex t… Show more… Show more dolltda dolltdh dolltdk mipmedd ordlidaordlidc ordltdd ordlidh ordlidk ordlidlordlidm ordltdt dolltdc dol… Show more… Show moreMathStatistics and Probability DATABASE 387

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