Question 1 Mrs. C. was a 72-year-old lady who fell and broke herhip. She was placed in hospital and was done to correct the fracture and the arthritic joint. Mrs. C. had a long recovery period in hospital after her hip replacement due to the development of pneumonia.She was finally discharged to a private boarding care home, because she was unable to care for herself during the rehabilitation period and do shopping, cooking, etc. Here she had to share a room with a lady with dementia who would physically abuse Mrs. C. The home operator went away to work every day and Mrs. C. had to get her own meals. No one was available to drive her to church and she missed seeing her friends.Discuss how 2 of Mrs. C’s needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are not met.Question 2 What is a situation that indicates teaching and learning is required?Question 2 options: Miss B is very confused and repeatedly crawls out of her bed. Mrs. J has just received a new hearing aide and is pleased about her improved hearing. Mr. B is found eating chocolate cake as a substitute for the apple prescribed in his low calorie diet. Mr. S is using his walker to go to lunch when you notice he is wearing flat, nonskid shoes.Question 3 What is the main focus of health care determinants?Question 3options: What makes an individual healthy. Being free from all disease. The holistic view of a person. What makes a population healthy.Social SciencePsychology

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