Question 1 Based on the following data: N= 12 X=687 Y=741 XY= 48407… Question 1Based on the following data_N= 12X=687Y=741XY= 48407X2=45591Y2=52525Compute for Bo and B1Determine the correlation coefficient and coefficient determinationInterpret the answerQuestion 2 Consider the following model:a.) Yhat i=-0.261-2.306D2i-1.7327D3i+2.1289D2D3i+0.8028XI t = (-0.2357) ( -5.4873)* ( -2.1803)* (9.9094)* R2 = 0.2032, n = 528, a= 0.05 *? indicate P value is less than 0.05Where Yi? hourly wage in dollar X? education (Years if schooling) D2 = 1 if female, 0 if male D3 = 1 if non-white and non-Hispanic =0 if otherwiseb) Interpret these resultsQuestion 3 Based on a sample of 20 couples, Jane obtained the following regression: i) In (Pi/1-Pi)=-9.456+0.3638 income i – 1.107babysitter i P= probability of restaurant usage, = 1 if went to restaurant, 0 otherwise, Income = the income in thousands of dollars. ii)Baby sitter = 1 If needed a baby sitter 0 otherwise.Of the 20 couples, 11 regularly went to a restaurant, 6 regularly used 9 babysitter and the income ranged from a low of $1700 to a high of $4400. iii)Find out the logit value of a couple with an income of $3300 who needed 9 baby sitter.Question 4In testing significance of the overall model at 5%level of significance what are the steps toMathStatistics and Probability STATISTIC STA3131

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