Python Basics 2 – [Random function] Objectives 1. Understand how to… Python Basics 2 – [Random function]Objectives1. Understand how to read and code Python programming language. (LO2b, LO3a)2. Identify contemporary issues in financial reporting and data analytics. (LO2a, LO2c)Required1. In this quiz, you are going to write codes to select winners who will receive prize.2. Setting: There will be Python coding competition. To encourage participation, the organizers decided to hold a special event in which 4 participants out of 20 will receive prizes. The first winner will receive an iPad and the other three will receive Starbucks gift card.3. You are to write codes to draw 4 winners out of 20.4. The rules are as follows:Rule 1: Assume there are 20 participants in the competitionRule 2: 4 participants are drawn randomly. One person cannot win twiceRule 3: Use shuffle and sample syntax from random package (demonstration in class)Rule 4: Output sample statement”iPad winner: 1″”Starbucks gift card winners: [2, 3, 4]””Congratulations!”3. Once you write codes, copy and paste them onto MS word doc. Save and name the file as “Lastname_Firstname_Quiz2.docx” Upload the file under “Module – Quiz 2 Assignment submission” in Canvas.You have two attempts to submit the assignment. If you are unhappy with the first upload, you can re-upload an updated file.4. You are more than welcome to collaborate with your group members.Suggestions1. Use syntax “list”, “range”, “shuffle”, “sample”2. Refer to the lecture materials to write codes.3. Make sure that you write codesin detailso that anyone without Python background can run your codes by copying and pasting onto Visual Studio Codes. For example, if a package is required to run your code, you are to include the codes that import necessary packages. If directions/instructions are required when running your codes, include the directions/instructions hashed out.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ACT 5741

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