Project 6.1Refactor Project 4.3 by using list, namely,Use a list to store the five scores the user entered.Enhance Test Average and GradeLoop through the list, calling the determine_grade function to get and display grade with each iterationModify the cal_average function to take a list as argument and return the average of the elements contained in the list.Project 6.2List of Random NumbersWrite a program that includes these functions:sum_list that takes a list of numbers as argument, and returns the sum of the numbers in the listmax_list that takes a list of numbers and returns the greatest value of listfind_list that takes a list of numbers, and a value to search for, and returns Boolean of true if the value is found, otherwise returns the falsecount_even that takes a list of numbers, and return the count of even numbers in the listmain thatgenerates a list of 50 random integers ranging from 1 to 100calls the sum_list function to find the sum of the elements of the listcalls the max_list function to find the maximum valuecalls the find_list function to find the value 34calls the count_even function to find how many even numbers in the listfinds the sum of the first 10 elements and finds the sum of the last 10 elements of the list (via calling the sum_list), and compare which sum is greater.Save your file as random_list.pyFind and display the average annual change in population during the time periodProject 6.3Population DataUse the data file USPopulation.txt found in this folder as your data source. The file contains the midyear population of the US, in thousands, during the years 1950 through 1990. For instance, the first line in the file contains the population for 1950.Write a program that reads the data in the file into a list, then perform the following tasks:Find and display he year with the greatest increase in population during the time periodFind and display the year with the smallest increase in population during the time periodSave your file as population.pyComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ENG MISC

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