Pretend that you are interviewing a person that is 55 years old orolder. Answer the questions below as if you were a person to of 55 years of age or older.1. What are some changes you see between yourself and your parents as you age?2. What some of the surprising aspects of aging?3. Life planwhat plans are in place for medical assistance, living assistance, and/or emotional support?4. What are some adjustments you’ve had to make due to getting older? For example, downsizing your home, starting to save more, changing your lifestyle (diet, exercising, etc.).5. How has the way people treat you changed? -Create 5 additional questions of your own. Be sure to create open-ended questions that are not easily answered with yes or no.Topics for additional questions: Attitudes about physical activity Plans for downsizing his or her home (moving to a smaller home, a senior community, or an assisted living community) Saving for retirement and/or financial planning Social supportwho can you lean on for support?.Social ScienceSociology CHE 320

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