Please see attachments for details Q”5ti” 1 Predicting Percentage of Chips Broken: Not yet saved Regression Statistics Marked out of Multiple R 0.2496 7.00 R Square 0.0623 ‘7 Flag Adjusted R Square 0.0527 question Standard Error 2.0347 Observations 100 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Intercept 7.9301 0.5225 15.1765 0.0000 %Potato -0.1508 0.0591 **'”‘ 0.0123 The Excel output above is from a regression of the percentage of potato chips broken versus the percentage of potato content in those chips. Use the output to answer the following questions. 1. What is the value of by? (1 dp) 2. What is the value of b1? (4 dp) 3. What is the se(b1)? (4dp) 4. Calculate the absolute value of the test statistic for b1. (2dp) 5. What is the goodness of ?t (as a percentage)? (1 dp) 6. What is the correlation? (2 dp) 7. Would you (A) reject or (B) not reject the hypothesis that131:0? … Show more Question 2 Not yet saved Marked out of 2.00 ‘6? Flag question Consider a large clothing shop in Sydney. Suppose it is known that the number of business suits sold per day is normally disb’ibuted with a mean, |.I = 22 and standard deviation, 0 = 10. Mr Wood is employed to sell business suits. The number of business suits he sells each day for 35 days is recorded and the mean number per day calculated. What is the probability that Mr Wood’s average daily sales will be less than 20 business suits? (4Chi) … Show more “”55″” 3 Below are the results of a study that aimed to compare cholesterol levels for people who eat Not yet saved different cereals for breakfast. Fourteen subjects ate con?akes for breakfast for two weeks and Marked out of then had their cholesterol levels measured. Each of the 14 subjects then switched to oatbran for 5.00 breakfast for two weeks after which each had their cholesterol level measured again. You may ‘i’ Flag assume that the differences are normally disb’ibuted. question t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means cornflakes oatbran Mean 4.71 3.61 Variance 0.94 0.80 Observations 14 14 Pearson Correlation 0.034 Hypothesized Mean Difference 0 df 13 t Stat 3.1756 P(T<=t) one-tail 0.0037 t Critical one-tail 1.7709 P(T<=t) two-tail 0.0073 t Critical two-tail 2.1604 Consider the output above: 1. Does there appear to be any difference in blood cholesterol levels between the two diets, on average? (Y) Yes or (N) No 2. What is the absolute value of the tstatistic? (2 dp) 3. What are the degrees of freedom? (integer) 4. What is the p-value? (3 dp) 5. Do you reject or not reject the null hypothesis? (A) Reject or (B) Not reject ... Show moreMathStatistics and Probability STAT 1250

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