Please see attachments for details 1. [-/1 Points] DETAILS List the elements of the set. (Enter youranswers as a comma-separated list.] The set I of all positiveintegers no greater than 7. Need Help? 2. [-/1 Poin… Show more… Show more 4. [-/2 Points] DETAILS List the elements of the set. HINT[See Example 1.] The set of outcomes of tossing threedistinguishable onins or three indistinguishab… Show more… Show more 7. [-/1 Points] DETAILS Let A – ( June, John, James,Justin, Jeniffer, Jelly), B – (John, Jelly, Justin), and C -(Sally, Solly, Molly, Jolly, Jelly). Find the … Show more… Show more 10. [-/1 Points] DETAILS Let A = ( July,John, James, Justin, Jeffrey, Jelly ), 8 -(John, Jelly, Justin), and C – (I… Show more… Show more 12. [-/1 Points] DETAILS Let A – (small, medium, large), B -(yellow, black), and C = [ pentagonal, square). List the elementsof A x C. O ((small, pentagonal), (small, square), (m… Show more… Show more 15. [-/1 Points] DETAILS Use Vannclagrams to illustrate the followingIdentity for subsets A and… Show more… Show moreMathStatistics and Probability STATISTICS 14757

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