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If you were on a value analysis team and had to evaluate a new computer application to purchase for the organization, what would you want to be included in a value analysis? What would be the tangible or intangible benefits that would be important to you? What would be the tangible or intangible costs that you would want to be considered?


Criteria: The discussion response should be a complete paragraph, which includes a topic sentence (main idea), a body sentence (an example, a clarification, contextual or supporting detail), and a wrap-up sentence (next steps, recommended action). See 
Writing a Paragraph for clarification. 

You do not need a complete paragraph for a response or comment.



If I were on the team for value analysis of purchasing a new computer application, some questions I would raise include how often would the application be utilized/needed, long-term cost and savings, how many people are required to use it, the cost of implementation, delivery, and setup, the cost of user training, and what alternative systems exist for a price and function comparison. By considering all these aspects, you can develop an idea of the necessity of the application and what it would take to pay for and use it over time. Careful consideration ensures that you aren’t paying for an application that isn’t necessary or too expensive to outweigh the benefits.


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