Please see an attachment for details Safari File Edit View History Bookmarks Window Help G C +0 Chapter 06 Homework. My Home C CengageNOWv2 | Onlin.. MindTap – Cengage Lea_. (8) 01 – Simplify Square- Mail – Gomez, Jesse — M Do Homework – 7.3 Math 12 Fall 2021 48121 Jesse Gomez Homework: 7.3 Question 1, 7.3.74 HW Score: 0%, 0 of 1 point O Points: 0 of 1 Save A half-century ago, the mean height of women in a particular country in their 20s was 64.5 inches. Assume that the heights of today’s women in their 20s are approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation of 3.12 inches. If the mean height today is the same as that of a half-century ago, what percentage of all samples of 25 of today’s women in their 20s have mean heights of at least 66.34 inches? About % of all samples have mean heights of at least 66.34 inches. (Round to one decimal place as needed.)… Show more MathStatistics and Probability

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