Please see an attachment for details NOTES ASK YOUR TEACHER PRACTICE ANOTHER Usually, we do not walk or even stand on a lightweight boat or raft because of the danger of falling into the water. If you have ever stepped off a small boat onto a dock, however, you have probably noticed that the boat moves away from the dock as you step toward the dock or out of the boat. A heavy dog running on a long lightweight raft presents a similar situation. At first, the raft and the dog are at rest with respect to the water (see figure A below) so that v; = 0. The dog then runs on top of the raft at vy = voi with respect to the water (see figure B below). The dog has half the mass of the raft. Find an expression for the velocit of the raft after the dog began running. (Use the following as necessary: Vy.) V= 0 A. V. = ? B. Need Help? Read It… Show more SciencePhysics PHYSICS 30043

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