Please see an attachment for details AT 240: Applied Statistics home > 6.2: Confidence intervals for population means zyBooks A worker stands at the end of a production line for mint chocolate chip ice cream and uses warm water to melt the ice cream away from the chocolate. The amount of chocolate is then weighed. Each container should contain 4 ounces of chocolate. The results of a simple random sample of 12 containers is shown below. Assume the amount of chocolate added to the ice cream is normally distributed. Chocolate Mean 3.917 Variance 0.042 Observations 12 Hypothesized Mean What condition is met for the use of a t-distribution? of 11 t Stat -1.42 Pick P(T<=t) one-tail 0.092 t Critical one-tail 2.718 What is the level of significance? Ex: 1.23 P(T<=t) two-tall 0.184 t Critical two-tail 3.106 Confidence Level(99.0%) 0.183 What conclusions can be drawn from the data? Pick What is the confidence interval for the amount of chocolate? [ Ex: 1.234 Does theconfidence interval support the results of the hypothesis test? Pick Why? Pick O 74.F... Show more MathStatistics and Probability

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