Please see an attachment for details (8) 1. You go to the casino and collect data on the number of the sums of 7 that occur in 400 rolls of the dice. You found that there were 100 rolls of 7 after you got there in those 400 total rolls. To find the probability of getting more than 100 rolls of 7 in 400 rolls where we let x = number of sums of 7 in 400 rolls we would do the following a) P( x > 100) x has what shape distribution in this problem? b) P(x > 100.5) x has what shape distribution in this problem? 100.5-66.67 C ) P ( 2 > 7.45 = 4.54) z has what type distribution in this case? d) P(z > 4.54) = 0 based on this answer do you think the dice are fair? Explain (4) 2. Find the probability of getting less than 28 sums of 8 in 194 rolls of two fair dice? (6) 3. A set of data has a skewed left distribution with a mean of 450 and a standard deviation of 120. I take 34,000 samples of size 28 from this data set and look at the sampling distribution of the 34,000 sample means taken. The distribution of sample means will have; a) a mean of what value? b)Standard deviation of what value? c) What shape distribution?… Show more MathStatistics and Probability MAT* MISC

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