Please see an attachment for details 3 4 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 (16 marks) A study recently published by Medicare claims that there is no difference between the average waiting time (in days) for cancer surgery patients in New South Wales public hospitals, compared to those in Victoria. An independent expert is appointed to test the daim in the article. During a six months period, the expert records the waiting time for 25 randomly selected patients from each state. Use the following output to answer the research question. The results of a 2 sample T-test (assuming unequal variance) are given here. AWE ANTNO (NSW) “Mean 16.28 Variance 22. 25 1243 Observations 25 25 Hypothesized Mean Difference 0 t Stat 1.39 P(Tc=() one-tail 10.09 I Critical one-tail 1.68 P(T<=() two-tail 0.17 1 Critical two-tail 202 (a) What is the difference in mean waiting times between the two states ? 2 marks (b) Define the parameters. 2 marks (c) What is the null hypothesis? 2 marks (d) What is the alternative hypothesis? 2 marks (e) What is the test statistic? 2marks (f) What is the p value? 2 marks (g) Make e decision about the null hypothesis. 2 marks (h) Write a conclusion. 2 marks the toolbar. ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac)... Show more MathStatistics and Probability STAT 1060

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