Please help me with this, I tried to solve but I got stuck.Objectives:This assignment is intended to provide you with an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in scheduling network analysis techniques using CPM and PERT. Task: Examine the following table of activities, with stochastic (probabilistic) duration estimates andpredecessor information (duration estimates are in weeks] for a small project. Activity Optimistic Most likelyPessimistic Predecessors Duration Duration Duration A 7 14 21 – B 6 12 18 – C 5 9 l9 – D 4 10 22 A,… Show more… Show moreRequired:1. Find all expected activity durations (TEs) and variances, organized/presented in a table.2. Based on the computed TEs, draw an AON (Activity On Node) network diagram representing all project activities, making sure to label activities and their durations.3. Find the total slack for each activity and add it as a column to the table in step (1).4. Find the critical path and expected completion time for the project.5. Find the probability that the project will be completed in 40 weeks.6. Find the expected completion time corresponding to 95% probability.BusinessManagementProject Management DEPARTMENT 0307530

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