Please help me with these questions1. Vanessa, a research director, isconducting an experiment to determinethe effectiveness of treat… Show more… Show more2. Leadership positions for a collegesocial club are up for election. Threepeople are needed to fill th… Show more… Show more3. Suppose that Kim is the philanthropychair of her sorority, and she wants tochoose a committee of fi… Show more… Show more4. Suppose that of the 300 seniors whograduated from Schwarzchild HighSchool last spring, some … Show more… Show more5. Faculty positions in a school districtare classi?ed as either teacher oradministrator based on pr… Show more… Show more6. The prizes at a carnival tossing gameare different stuffed animals. There are34 tigers, 27 bears, 12 hip… Show more… Show more7. Suppose that in a particular country,the probability that a randomly chosenperson is a left-handed ba… Show more… Show more8. Researchers suggest that 8.5% offemales in Scotland have red hair.Approximately 10% of Sco… Show more… Show more9. Consider the probability distributionfor a random variable X. X P(X) Findthe probability P(X S 5.5)…. Show more… Show more10. Suppose that x represents the numberof cars sold at a dealership in arandomly selected single … Show more… Show moreMathStatistics and Probability STAT 141

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