Please give feedback/comment on the paragraph. cited reference…. Please give feedback/comment on the paragraph.cited reference.Behaviors can influence attitudes, as well.As noted, in the chapter we learn about different persuasions and how they can have an effect on the attitudes we hold about things. These attitudes, in turn, can lead to new behaviors that would have never happened without persuasion. For example, an advertisement for Coca-cola might come on and convince us to buy one, even if before the ad there was no desire present.The cycle can happen in reverse order, as well. For example, if someone has a repeated positive experience doing something it can create or strengthen the attitude held about whatever the object may be. The same can be said for behaviors resulting in a negative experience. One can hold a neutral attitude about public speaking, but one negative experience can lead to a negative attitude towards it.This two-way street is critical to understanding the ways that attitude and behavior are linked. Each can cause the other. So, yes, persuasion definitely affects attitude and attitude affects behavior, but behavior can also affect attitude.PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology PSY 205

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