Please check this case and help me answer this question Christy’s… Please check this case and help me answer this question! Christy’s newest client hasagolden retriever with ear problems. After looking into the issue,Christyhas realized that many ear problems are easily dealt with during grooming andhas decided to include treatingbasicear conditions as part of her services. She purchases ear cleaner and adds the bottles to her grooming supplies,which includes a variety of shampoos and conditioners.A common question asked by clients is ‘what ingredients are in the products that she uses?’ as some of her clients are concerned about their pet’s allergiesand other additives, and Christy would like to be able to quickly access this information.While Christy would prefer topurchase her grooming products from Amazon,this requires some planning ahead of time, which she’s not always organized enough to do. More often than not, she ends up at Ren’s Depot or even Wal-Mart, buying as she needs to. Christy realizes that products will be cheaper if she purchases ahead of time and looks for deals,or buys in bulk.Christy would like a system that helps her organize her purchases, instead of having to look through a combination of online orders and paper receipts. She would like the ability to attach a copy or picture of the receipt to the purchase orderfor taxand trackingpurposes.QUESTION: What is EOQ? Is this important to Christy?Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CSE SYD466

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