Pick one of the questions/tasks that you would like to address as part of your final project and explain how the concepts you have learned apply to the cultural or ethnic group you have chosen for your project. 

This paper will challenge you to apply what you have learned in this course to an investigation of a cultural or ethnic group of your choosing (except white

European Americans). You will, in essence, be thinking like a cross-cultural psychologist. You should position the group’s culture in terms of its location on specific

cultural dimensions (e.g., power distance, uncertainty avoidance) and explain what it tells us about their behavior and psychology.

Address at least five of the following areas in your paper:

 What predictions can be made about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of this group in light of their unique cultural background?

 How would a cross-cultural psychologist expect the group to perform on various psychological measures (e.g., a Big Five personality test) and tasks

(e.g., perspective taking, helping strangers)?

 How might social values of this group affect attributions?

 Investigate this culture’s view on psychological disorders, most commonly diagnosed ones, and treatment methods.

 Identify specific communication patterns and their effect on others or the self.

 Address the group’s values regarding autonomy.

 Examine unique life states and their effects on the psyche.

 Investigate sources of perception and stereotypes.

 Analyze this culture’s view of intelligence and methods of measure. Address any conflicts this may have with traditional views and methods.

 Describe how the group’s cultural norms regulate an individual’s display of emotions.

 Explain cultural influences on decision making.

 Provide examples of behavior that might arise based on the type of uncertainty avoidance in this cultural setting.

 Describe how cultural beliefs related to death might affect medical decisions and grieving.

 Discuss the cultural factors that influence one’s likeliness to seek social support in times of stress.

 What cultural factors influence likeliness to conform, and in what situations?

You must integrate concepts from the text, define all terminology, and document your sources. Attend to the rubric prior to formulating your assignment.

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