Paul, a 24-year-old filing clerk at Michigan state’s library is referred for assessment as a result of increasing trouble getting along with his co-workers.He keeps reporting them to supervisors for mistakes they make on or for coming to work several minutes late. Paul is White from an upper-class family and has lived in Michigan his entire life. He thinksof himself as asexual as he is not interested in males or females sexually.He reports never having made friends throughout school or college and describes feeling lonely as a consequence. At assessment, he presents as reasonably well-kept but dressed in a somewhat old-fashioned and quirky manner, and uses eye contact only fleetingly. His speech is monotone with rapid explosive bursts making it difficult to understand what he is saying, and it is interspersed by a large sniffling of his nose every 30 seconds or so. Throughout the assessment, he fails to elaborate on anything without prompting. He only becomes animated when talking about artificial intelligence in computer technology, not recognizing that his assessor does not understand and is not particularly interested in this topic.Paul may be diagnosed with ___.Give a DSM 5 diagnosis for each case (including diagnostic code) – 1 pointPresent the diagnostic symptoms upon which you based the diagnosis – 1 pointDescribe your differential diagnosis (i.e., what other diagnoses were you considering and why did you ultimately choose the diagnosis you did?) – 2 pointsDiscuss any cultural/diversity considerations you made in giving this diagnosis. – 1 point **please note there should be cultural/diversity considerations for each case (could berace/ethnicity/gender/religion/SES/sexualorientation etc.)Social SciencePsychology PSY MISC

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