Parte 1:Describe una fiesta (de boda, de cumpleaos, de graduacin, etc.) usandopretrito e imperfecto. Describe el lugar, el clima, la gente, la celebracin, la comida etc.,con 12-15 oraciones completas escritas en espaol.(Translate Answer part 1 in Spanish and use correct grammar and punctuation in Answer 1 and make sure all sentences are complete)Answer part 1:My wife and I had our gender reveal surprise party for our daughter. The weather was sunny and pleasant. The party was at the park near our home. So many people came to the party like my friends, my wife’s friends, soldiers, and mother. There were decorations, balloons, presents, drinks, cake, and many food people brought. At the party, we cut a cake to find out the gender of the baby. My friend makes burgers and hotdogs on the grill for our guests. We had great music and games that people enjoyed at the party. People dressed in colors thought what gender the baby was going to be. My wife was in a beautiful dress, and she looked so pretty. I was so shocked that it was a daughter because I thought it was a boy. It was amazing how many people brought gifts to the party. My family is thankful for the support we had from our friends.Part 2:Parte 2:Haz una lista detresde tus platos favoritos. Por qu te gustan tanto los tres platos? Explica detalladamente. (Translate Part 2 in Spanish and use correct grammar and punctuation in PART 2 and make sure all sentences are complete)Part 2:Three favorite dishes I like to cook are steak with rice, ramen, and chicken with broccoli.Steak with rice recipe: Instructions: Steak:Take a fork and poke holes all over a rib-eye steak. Place the steak on top of aluminum foil. Sprinkle a teaspoon of each over the steak on both sides: salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Marinate the steak for thirty minutes by closing the foil and placing it on the counter at room temperature. Put a teaspoon of canola oil on a frying pan and put the temperature on medium. After five minutes, place the steak on the frying pan using utensils. Turn the steak over every one minute; the total will be five turns on each side. Let the steak cool down and cut into strips. Rice: Put one cup of rice and two cups of water in the rice cooker. Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt and a stick of butter into the rice cooker. Push the button for the rice to cook. After the rice is cooked, grab soy sauce and drop two teaspoons into a bowl. Next, put a teaspoon of garlic powder and mix everything in the bowl.Response: I like steak and rice because this was the first dish I made when I started cooking. I love the ure of rib-eye steak, and the rice reminds me of my mom’s cooking. The taste between the two foods is delicious. I don’t like my steak overcooked; this recipe will give a juicy bite for people to eat. I eat steak and rice twice a week; it’s a fantastic dishRamen recipe:Instructions:Chop half an onion, two scallops, and half a pack of spam into tiny pieces. Take a pan bowl and place three cups of water. Put the temperature on hot until the water boils. Place a Shinn pack of ramen into the bowl. Add the onions, two scallops, and half a can of spam cut pieces into the bowl. Sprinkle a teaspoon of garlic powder and pepper into the bowl. Add one raw egg into the bowl. Let the ramen boil for five minutes for the flavor to spread around. Then, be ready to eat the most fantastic ramen in the world.Response:Ramen is a quick and easy dish that most people eat. I am Korean and grew up eating Shinn ramen when I was a child. I learned that adding extra ingredients to the ramen brings a delicious, juicy taste. When I get off late from work, eating ramen is my favorite dish to make. I eat ramen four times a week.Chicken with broccoli recipe: Instructions:Chicken:Take a fork and poke holes all over three Tyson brand chicken thighs. Place the thighs on top of aluminum foil. Sprinkle a teaspoon of each seasoning over the chicken on both sides: salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, ranch, mesquite, adobo, and Montreal chicken from Grill Makers. Marinate the chicken for one hour by closing the foil and placing it on the counter at room temperature. Put a teaspoon of canola oil on a frying pan and put the temperature on hot. After eight minutes, place the chicken on the frying pan using utensils. Turn the chicken over every two minutes; the total will be nine turns on each side. Cut the chicken with any knife and make sure there is no pink inside. If there is pink, flip the chicken until the pink is gone. Let the chicken cool down and cut into strips.Broccoli:Put six cups of water in a bowl pan and wait till it boils. Add eleven broccolis or a pack into the pan. Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt, pepper, and a stick of butter into the pan. Wait five minutes and grab a bowl. Drain the water and place the broccoli into a plastic bowl. Put three American cheese strips on top of the bowl and place it in the microwave for thirty-five seconds.Response:I love to work out, and in the military, we have to make sure to keep strong. Chicken with broccoli has a lot of protein and helps with recovering my body. In addition, the ingredients in the recipe give the chicken a lot of flavors. I eat chicken with broccoli once every other day for the week. I have been eating the dish for over six months, and it’s my favorite dish out of the three.Part 3: Correct grammar and punctuation and complete sentences in the paragraph.Paragraph:De cinco respuestas y una es mentira, Creo que el viaje a Australia es verdad, porque es sierto que los animals son muy peligrosos y viajar a ese pais es tener agallas. El decir que as vivido en cinco paises diferentes tambien me parece verdad, da buen fe saber que viajas por el mundo, cuando uno es joven uno se puede salir con la suya y viajar un poco mas. Verdad numero tres es el querer viajar a francia, alemania y italia, eso es lo que yo llamo matar dos pajaros con una piedra. Sin dieran a escojer solo un pais para visitar me pondrian entre la espada y la pared. Si claro son paises con experiensas ennovidables y no quiero pasarme de la raya pero estoy muy celoso, viajar en estos tiempos cuesta un ojo de la cara. La cuarta verdad es que si creo cuando dices que te gusta pintar las flores azules, con el spiritu viajero se ve que eres persona de Buena fe y no pierdes los estribos. Una persona artistica y viajera ase la vida ser como pan comido. Por fin la respuesta que creo sea mentira es la ultima, durantes los viajes a cuba usted aprendio las ongas y eso se me ase una mentira. Mentira porque toma tiempo para aprender un instrumento y mentira porque con cinco paises que as visitado, tres son europeos y uno en Australia so sin echar lena al fuego no creo que aigas visitado cuba. Si pones el dedo en la llaga, todo indica que la mentira es que durante su viaje a cube aprendio las onga.Foreign LanguageSpanish SPAN 101

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