Part One: Watch the docudrama and answer the questions below:… Part One:Watch the docudrama and answer the questions below:( Give the time (dates) and places (locations) and people of the first civilizations based on the docudrama.2. List specific characteristics unique to each civilization.3. What parts of the docudrama were particularly meaningful to you or striking?4. If you could go back in time, in which civilization would you live and why? Give 3 reasons based on the docudrama for why you choose that particular civilization.Part Two:Pdf for the pages:( Based onpages 61-68in your book.- Make a table with 5 columns. The first 4 columns should be narrow, while the last or 5th column should be very wide.- Provide the following data for the7 First Civilizations:Sumerian, Egyptian, Peruvian, Indus Valley, Early Chinese, Central Asian, and Olmec.-Nameof the civilization-Placeof the civilization-Date(s)of the civilization-Peopleof the civilization- What were the “distinctive” feature(s) of the civilization?-Distinctive=characteristic of one person or thing(unique quality), and so serving to distinguish it from others(differentiating quality).Part Three:Pdf for the pages:( )Document 2.2 p. 95Code of Hammurabi p. 961. Read the entire law code from 96 to 97.2. Answer the assessment questions on pages 95 and 96.3. Be sure to include reference to the (for example: In statute 53 under “On the Economy”, ….) or quotes from it proving your answers.HistoryWorld History

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