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Your assignment this week is as follows:

If asked, how would you answer this question: What have you learned this semester in your internship prep course (HS 250)? Some of the potential learning areas are listed below. Select two and discuss:

· why these resonate with you

· how will you utilize this skill, knowledge base, attitude/value in the way you will approach your internship next semester?

· what challenges are you still concerned with as you approach your internship semester?


Self-awareness and understanding

dynamics of workplace culture: content knowledge about the profession, teamwork, supervision

awareness of self becoming a civic professional

increased clarity about your career interests


Existing skills strengthened

Skills learned in one setting that you can transfer to another

New skills on how to interview

New skills on how to apply for the internship and what to look for

Attitudes and Values

Essential attitudes and values of the profession internalized

Values and attitudes that are developing, personally and professionally

Your response paper should be at least one full page in length, no more than two. If outside resources are utilized to complete your paper APA format is a must, including in-text citations and a References Page.

This drop box closes on Sunday at 5pm EST.

A grading rubric has been added so that students are aware of the criteria used to grade assignments. Additionally, spelling, grammar, and punctuation are considered in grading. Please proofread your work before submitting for grading.

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