Overview In this culture-based activity, you will learn more about… OverviewIn this culture-based activity, you will learn more about a Hispanic-American of your choice and share what you have learned with other students in the class..Please see the Rubric for grading this activityRemember that accent marks, punctuation, etc., are a part of standard written Spanish and they are required in your work here. Some of your work here may be in English, but please pay attention to anything you do write in Spanish.InstructionsPaso 1: Go to the Internet and research famous Americans of Hispanic origin: Mexican-American, Dominican-American, Cuban-American, etc. The general definition of someone who is Hispanic-American is a person born in the United States to parents of Hispanic origin and who are, by birth, American citizens, so please be sure that your choice is not someone born in another country who came to the U. S and lives/lived and works/worked here but is/was a citizen of the country where they were born. Choose one individual and writ a paragraph of eight to ten sentences that includes the information listed below. Please put the name of the person you have chosen in the subject line of your original thread and be sure to check the Discussion area to see who other students have written about before you begin your own search on the Interneteveryone must write about someone different. There are many, many individuals to choose from and not all of them are athletes or movie stars. Everyone already knows about Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, for example. You might find it really interesting to look for artists (sculptors, muralists, for example), doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. Please be sure to see the sample threads posted in this activity and use them as a guide for your own work.Who is this person?Why is this person famous?What does he do?Why is this person interesting to you?What is this person like?How does this person impact American culture?Since the emphasis of this activity is more cultural than language-based, you will probably use English to do most of this activity. That is okay. We want you to have the information and that usually gets lost if it is part of something written incorrectly in Spanish. Please remember that this is a beginning Spanish class and that everyone in the course must be able to read, understand and respond to what you write here–that means you can only use the concepts introduced in this class up to this point. You should be able to answer some of the questions above using just the skills from the chapters in this course so far: simple present tense; ser, estar, adjectives, etc. Please do not include advanced material from outside sources and you cannot talk about the past yet so you may have to be creative in wording your information to talk about past accomplishments or do it in English, especially if you find yourself having troubles saying what you want in Spanish. Remember, the emphasis here is on cultural content, not your language skills and you may not use translation websites to help you with this activity, everything you write here must be your own work. We know that you can do it!Attention!READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ENGLISH IT IS OKAY JUST USE FEW WORDS IN SPANISH MOST WORDS IN ENGLISH PLEASEForeign LanguageSpanish SPANISH 235

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