No explanation needed1. In 1636 the Puritan magistrates of Massachusetts Bay purged their society of religious dissidents, such as , who believed in the separation of church and state and founded Rhode Island.Group of answer choicesAlexander HamiltonDavid CopperfieldThomas JeffersonJohn AdamsRodger Williams2.(A/The) were conflicts in North America fought by several Native-American tribes over hunting rights which in turn supplied them with vital European supplies and weapons.Group of answer choicesEnclosuresColumbian ExchangeBeaver WarsTownsend DutiesIndulgences3.(A/The) is a way of describing the geographic dividing line between the slave and free western territories created by Thomas Jefferson’s in the 1780’s.Group of answer choicesFrench Skin Company, Townsend DutiesBerlin Wall of US History, Northwest OrdinancesMiddle Passage, Second Continental CongressThree Fifths Compromise, EnlightenmentAmerican Dream, Middle Passage4. a British political philosopher, argued that people have the natural rights of life, liberty, and the sanctity of property.Group of answer choicesRodger WilliamsJohn AdamsJohn LockeMartin LutherThomas Jefferson5.The in the valley of Mexico, and the in the highlands of the Andes, were great Native American civilizations, prior to the coming of the Europeans.Group of answer choicesCoercive Acts, Vice-Admiralty CourtsEnclosures, MinutemenPontiac, IndigoAztecs, IncasColumbian Exchange, South Atlantic SystemHistoryUS History HIS 7

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