Need help solving. Please list the calculator inputs when… Need help solving.Please list the calculator inputs when constructing confidence intervals! For example: 1-PropZInt with X= 50, n=200, C-level: 0.95. 2. According to a 2017 poll, 617 out of 1000 randomly selected adults living in the United States felt that laws covering the sale of firearms should be stricter.A. What is ?^?B. Is it safe for us to claim that the proportion of adults who favor stricter gun control in the United States is exactly ?^? Why or why not? Explain using complete sentences.C. Explain using complete sentences whether or not CLT applies in this situation. If CLT does apply, what is the standard error estimate?D. Use your calculator to construct a 95% confidence interval. What is the margin of error for our confidence interval?E. Write a complete sentence explaining what this confidence interval means about the percentage of adults in America who favor stricter gun laws.MathStatistics and Probability STAT 170

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