Need assistance interpreting the code, thanks#include iostream iostream iostream I#include fstream fstream fstream f#include tuple>#include cssertuse std namespace; int principle (void) string inputFileName;string s;ifstream fileIn;int word count; word count=0;cout”Enter the name of the document containing characters: “;cin>>;assert( open());while (fileIn>>s) word count++cout”Words in the document: “word countendl; bring 0 back;Logical Data:#include #include #include #include #include using namespace std;int main(void){int i;string inputFileName;string s;ifstream fileIn;char ch;cout<<"Enter name of file of characters :";cin>>inputFileName; );assert(fileIn.is_open() );i=0;while (!(fileIn.eof())) {ch=fileIn.get(); s.insert(i,1,ch); i++; }Also,Media communications is a specialty provider of administrations to homegrown customers. The organization’s Administrative center is situated in Nambour and comprises of two levels, with around 15 laborers on each floor from two basic business regions, including Deals and Organization.Furthermore, it has a creation office in Cairns that is rented and has a staff of ten nearby specialists.Every worker is given a PC, and the Administrative center has around ten PCs accessible for rental. Moreover, the business has four (4) servers at its central command. Two (2) of them work benefits that serve an assortment of inward organization exercises, for example, record sharing, position following, and finance. All staff individuals are frequently needed to get to these servers as a feature of their ordinary work. The leftover two (2) servers are devoted to facilitating the site and online deals stage, which are open to the overall population and customers.The goal is to aid the plan of a media communications organization. The objective is to make network across all gadgets, workplaces, representatives, and buyers straightforward and effective.Investigations of Organization PrerequisitesEvery division ought to have its own organization at each website, however all offices ought to have the option to interface with each other, with inner servers, and with the Web.Inner organizations ought to use private IPv4 addresses. To keep things basic, each subnet ought to have its own private organization address inside the territory. Each subnet’s default passage ought to be appointed the most readily accessible IP address.Broadcast communications introduces a switch at every one of its office areas (Nambour-R and Cairns-R) that is connected to the ISP’s switch (ISP-R). Media communications has been educated by their ISP that they might keep on utilizing their current square of public IPv4 addresses,, in light of their IPv4 necessities.As an individual from the organization arranging group, you are answerable for giving arrangements and ideas to the Media communications network plan dependent on the data given previously.Alongside trained professionals, your interest group includes ranking directors with critical business experience however minimal comprehension of data innovation. Subsequently, notwithstanding the organization’s specialized engineering, you should clarify and legitimize why the systems administration innovations/arrangements recommended are the most reasonable and how they would help Media transmission. You are relied upon to look at your ideas against different advances that are now accessible.Give proposals to numerous basic organization related administrations, considering the accompanying prerequisites:Access control is expected to impair/block undesired inbound/outbound traffic and to ensure against conceivable organization attacks. Mercifully portray a practical arrangement, including its sending and activity.Representatives will be allowed to telecommute with their own workstations and will approach all corporate organization assets similarly as they would in case they were in the workplace. Benevolently clarify how a work-from-home choice might be given and how it can help the organization. This segment ought to incorporate 500 words with in- references to numerous basic organization related administrations and ought to fulfill the accompanying standards.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CS 341

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