My topic: Music and its relevance on attention spanAttached are the questions from the previous page. Keep these in mind and showcase what your Research Question(s) will be.How does your topicdriveyour Research Question(s)?Let’s say you want to look into something within education. Some questions you might ask are “can discussions improve learning?”; “do learning styles exist?”; or “does class size influence grades?”.If you’re wanting to look at data driving policy in communities, you can ask “does the use of non-profits improve community relations?” or “does the mandating of body cameras reduce bias?”Maybe you want to focus entirely on psychology, so you ask “are some treatments for PTSD better for different genders?” or “can mood disorders be improved with exercise?”Resources:Guetta, R. & Loui, P. (2018). Music and Attention, Executive Function, and Creativity. The Oxford Handbook of Music and Neuroscience. Retrieved from, K. (2017). The Effects of Jazz and Classical Music on Recall. Journal ofHealth Education Research & Development. Retrieved from SciencePsychology PSY 230

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