My teacher is asking me to have a reply to one student’s post and… My teacher is asking me to have a reply to one student’s post and here’s what she wrote. Can you guys please help me to have a reply to this”I chose to watch the interview of Dr. Esther Fox. She was a female doctor during the world war. Firstly this was a hard interview to watch. She talked for about 55 minutes on her experiences, her life and everything going on from her perspective during this horrific tragic event in history. What are my responses? I feel utter sadness and shock that this all occurred. She was a slightly more fortunate person because she studied medicine and therefore was important during this time to treat the sick. She recounts how she was not to be killed because of this status, which could not have been easy. She talks of not believing it all to be true at the time. I honestly get that because if I were in such a situation at the time, I too would have found it difficult to rationalize and think people were capable of such dark and sinister things. She was fortunate to not experience much anti-semitism. It was very difficult to watch and listen to what was being said, especially when you know it’s all true events. I was aware prior to this video on events that occurred from previous studies and movies that recount the events. I know there were concentration camps and they murdered millions of jews, but hearing a story of what it was like to be there, that hits different. Having everyones heads shaved, barely getting any food, no proper clothing, all of it was messed up. She talked about how she was told about people being gased and killed but didn’t believe it. She was put through hell, embarrassment and people let it happen. All because they were jewish. Ether talks about how you couldn’t identify people because they all had heads shaved and looked the same. Taking away all their dignity. It is hard sometimes as someone born in this generation to believe we are capable of such horrible things. That people followed Hitler and his rules with no regard to human existence. Reading and listening to these testimonies puts a different perspective on life and humans. We are truly capable of some dark and horrible things. Dr Ether Fox was a brave young woman who survived this time and was so unbelievably strong for also telling her story years after.”Arts & HumanitiesReligious Studies HUMA 235

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